Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Thoughts..

It's always so much easier for me to think about the injustice, frustrations and disappointments of life. So, I am going to a take a few moments and think about what is making me happy today.
Here's my happy list..
-I haven't yelled at Johnny today. ( I am working on that)
-The kids sat on the patio eating a snack and truly enjoyed each others company today.
-I know what is for dinner and have all the food I need to prepare it.
-Running. I have been running for a few months now. I am up to 3 miles and try to go 3-5 times a week. It really does make me happy and I've dropped two sizes!
-Evan. I love him, he's a good man.
-The hilarious jib jab video I made using the faces of my kids and my nieces and nephew.
-Tomorrows forecast calls for a cool down. Hurray!! Maybe it will actually feel like Fall.(oops, I think that was a complaint in disguise)
-When Pearl dances to Ancient Faith radio. That kid will dance to anything!
-My dishwasher.
-The library which is in walking distance and is loved by my children.
-Happy noises filling my house.

Glory to God for all things!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Sweet Pea

She wore her sailor dress to church on Sunday. We left the pipe and hat at home.

Cute pictures from my least favorite Holiday

I am always torn about how to approach Halloween in our house, especially since Evan and I both grew up only attending church alternatives to the "evil" day. For now we've decided to not spend a lot of money and not make a big deal about but just let Johnny dress up and have a little fun. We had a lot of fun. Our neighborhood is so friendly and has all these adorable old homes and I just love the excuse trick or treating provides to look into each one and see all the character and different styles of decor. Johnny just loved getting all that candy!
We made Johnny's costume this year. ( I say we because Evan did everything from sew the collar to hand paint the spinach can) Can you tell who he is?? All the adults knew but very few kids recognized him. Pearls costume was a hand me down I've had for years. She was supposed to be a ladybug but she wouldn't wear the hood and everyone thought she was a strawberry.

Grandma came trick or treating with us!

Johnny owned that costume, he WAS Popeye. Maybe I should say, he IS Popeye because he has been wearing the hat nearly everyday since and would have the pipe in his mouth at all times if I let him. (he is holding his spinach felt and donning the hat as I type)