Tuesday, May 26, 2009

...and we laughed.

I went to post this photo on facebook when my thoughts turned to my forgotten blog. I really do miss blogging, facebook has made it easy for me to make connections with people and summarize some of my comings and goings BUT it doesn't document times in my life like my blog has. It really is like a scrap book for me, I will waste a good hour every now and then reading through old posts, getting teary eyed at the pictures of Johnny as baby and remembering really good and really bad things that I've shared. I am so thankful all of it's here and I am thankful for the people who I've shared it with. So, this little post and picture is just to announce that I am back. At least I will regularly post pictures and hopefully, every now and then, my thoughts, experiences, updates etc.. But not now, now I must go clean up around the house as my sweet godchildren will be spending the day with us tomorrow. Oooh, maybe it will give me something to blog about!