Saturday, August 25, 2007


-Thank you all for your kind words and for the prayer said for Johnny and us. This week has not been good and I have not always been the most patient, in control mom through all the crying, sleepless nights and thrown up medicine in my face. He looks really bad but I do think he is improving. His spirits have been up lately and we see glimpses of the happy, active, fun and loving boy he is. Oh, I pray the worst of it is over, I miss my Johnny! Pearl is just sleeping and nursing through it all and I am thanking God for that. I am more at peace with all that's been happening, I know that Christ loves him far more than I and I have to rest in that truth.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Please pray for my boy..

I've been working on getting my birth story up here but this week has proved to be a difficult one. Johnny had been recovering slowly from some nasty infections and was taking antibiotics which helped. I have always avoided antibiotics in the past but with a double ear infection and sinus infection we decided it was best. He had one more dose and was going to be done with them but yesterday he woke up with horrible welts all over his body, his hands and feet are swollen and his whole body red and hot. We now know that, like me, he is allergic to penicilin which is in the amoxicillin he was taking. It's heart breaking to see him looking so bad and SO uncomfortable, especially when I have a sweet little newborn who requires much of my attention. Having a new baby can be stressful enough, this has me feeling pretty overwhelmed. Honestly, just looking at him brings tears. Thankfully, I have family, friends helping out and a very loving (and exhausted) husband who is up with Johnny at night and still going to work the next day. I appreciate your prayers for his recovery and that we can just get back to dealing with the normal hardships of having a newborn and toddler. I'd take a tantrum over this any day!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Pearl Elizabeth

She is here and she is lovely! I will keep this short, but my sweet baby girl was born yesterday morning at 9 am after only 5 hours of labor and 10 minutes of pushing. (crazy fast compared to the 23 hours of labor I had with Johnny) She was born at a birth center so, we brought her home around three in the afternoon yesterday. Poor Johnny is recovering from both a sinus and ear infection but he still has plenty of love for his Pearl. (snotty love)
I will have plenty more to show and tell in the coming days.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Okay, I need to get this post written while Johnny is sleeping and while I am still pregnant, otherwise it's just not going to happen.
So much to tell. I hate that I completely skipped over blogging about my sweet boy's second birthday. I think he's convinced it just always his birthday now. Between an early birthday trip to Legoland with Mama and Papa and his actual party, not to mention visits from good friends and godparents who came bearing gifts and more birthday wishes, it been a month long celebration. We were grocery shopping this morning and he was singing "Happy Birthday" to himself rather loudly. Sheesh. I love seeing him so excited by all of the hoopla this year. Ofcourse, I think he's pretty amazing. It's so fun to have conversations with him and hear him come up with original statements and ideas and to watch him think things through. Yes, we are definately seeing a more defiant side as he further realizes and asserts his independence but I love that I can talk to him about it now and he truly has a kind heart and wants to do whats right.(well, most of the time) I am so proud of my big boy! He has brought us two years of laughter and joy and parenting him has taught us invaluable lessons.
In other news, we are recovering from yet another move. Our housesitting gig in Carlsbad is up and we are back in Escondido. As much as I enjoyed being so near the ocean it is good to be here. Evan's office is walking distance and I have a close friend around the block. We found a cute town house which met all my requirements ( has a yard, washer/dryer hookups.) I was really hoping to avoid an apartment and this place definitely has more of a "home" look and feel to it. It's been a frustrating move for me because I am limited by what I can lift and move around. Actually, part of why I am blogging right now is to help me get my mind off the sofa and boxes of books I SO want to move around the room. (what's the worse that could happen?....labor?..that wouldn't be so bad.) I would like to get a little more settled before the baby comes but at the same time I really want to meet this kid! I am due on the 16th but Johnny was eight days early,so, who knows. It dawned on me now that it was just over a year ago that I painfully letting you all know that I had miscarried and the hurt I was feeling but here I am now, full as the moon with this sweet child and oh, so thankful. I appreciate all your thoughts and prayers in these coming days. I am so excited to announce the birth of this babe and post pictures for all to see.
In the meantime, here is a recent family picture and probably the last to be taken of us with only one child in our arms. I would put up a better belly shot but this is the most recent picture I have available right now so you just get a peek.