Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Decade at Sea..

Our landwind is the breath
Of sorrows kiss'd to death
And joys that were;
Our ballast is a rose;
Our way lies where God knows
And love knows where.
We are in love's hand to-day;
Where shall we go?
-taken from the poem, Love At Sea by Theophile' Gautier.

Excerpts from this poem were in the programs at our wedding which took place ten years ago today! Hard to believe, really. Although, it seems like Evan has always been there. I was such a kid when I met him, and I couldn't have picked a better person to grow up and grow old with. We truly have traveled on the winds of sorrow and seas of joy. We still don't know where we are headed or what is in store but we continue on by the grace of God and with much love. Ten years ago, I think I would've have been disappointed to see into our life now and discover that we do not own a house, have a dog, the job we dreamed Evan would have. We have learned to laugh, love, struggle together through those disappointments and the friendship and family that has made us is priceless. So, tonight we will eat sushi, drink beer, talk more than we should about our kids considering it's a date night, laugh over stupid stuff (like always), come home to our little rented town home, with no dog to take outside to pee , I will kiss my beautiful children (who will already be asleep because their wonderful grandma babysat), I will kiss my husband who will then probably have to get back to his freelance work that is providing much needed extra income, and I will thank God for it all.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

He's no Mother Goose but...

"Harry, Harry, quite not trary
How does your garden grow?
With stinky pigs
and hollow wigs
and boats not in a row."
Johnny recited this to me while cleaning his room this morning. I like the hollow wigs part. Crazy kid!