Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I got home from visiting family a few hours ago. It was so good to give everyone a big hug, cry, laugh, watch the kids play and just enjoy family. It was especially good to see my cousin. I got to be there after he was moved from ICU and his little girls, ages two and one, came to visit. I snapped this photo him and his two year old. She was pretty overwhelmed with all the machines and tubes and bandages but she held his hand almost the whole time. She kept listing all the movies she would watch with him when he got home. The amazing thing is he came home last night! Less than a week after being shot five times, having a foot and a half of intestine removed as well as his gall bladder and part of his liver!! The whole drive up to see them it crossed my mind that I could have been making this drive to attend his funeral. The only shot that missed his body was aimed at his head, there is a bullet hole on the top of the drivers side door. He has no idea who the woman was, police have yet to find her or establish what her motive may have been. We don't know if she was just out of her mind or if it was some sort of gang initiation. All of this has left us wondering why. Why did this have to happen? For now, I will just thank God he is alive, he will be able to see his little girls grow, to meet his new baby in May, to hug his wife. If you think of him please continue to pray for him. His body is young and strong and has and will continue to heal quickly, it is the emotional wounds that can be so crippling.
Lord have mercy.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Please pray for my cousin, Jesse. He got off work in downtown LA early this morning and was at a drive thru window when a woman approached him and shot him 4-6 times. Amazingly, he is alive but is in surgery. Please pray for his pregnant wife, two young daughters, mother and father and his entire family who love him and are worried sick about him right now.