Thursday, November 02, 2006

Morning Walk

Living in an apartment, we don't have a yard for Johnny to get outdoors and explore. So, we take walks around the neighborhood instead. I love watching him check everything out. He's terrible about following or staying with me, infact, I think he waits to see which direction I plan to go so he can head the other way. Nonetheless, we have a lot of fun and I think it wears him out. He is sound asleep right now.


Aaron said...


Your shadow looks like Mary Poppins.

We don't live in an apartment, but we LOVE taking walks. So much so, that we jumped up and down when the Evil Green Giant opened up a shop near us, just another excuse for a walk.

We have the same issues with Basil keeping up. There's a canyon that we hike in close to our home and we have yet to make it from the bottom of the canyon to the top of the ridge with him.

Looking back, I bet it is terribly frustrating for him to have so much great nature to explore and we're nagging him, "Come on Basil, let's go." Though one time when it was just the two of us, we were following bees back to their hive and he was really motivated to keep moving. That was fun!

Christy Middleton said...

good pictures annie!! your son is handsome.

Lauren S. said...

It seems like all my friends with little boys say the same thing. They are all over the place. Must be tiring. :)

Very cute pictures.

Aaron - what is the Evil Green Giant? I'm stumped. Hmm. Evil, I think Wal-Mart. Green Giant? I think green beans.

Have a good weekend every one!

Mimi said...

Beautiful pictures. Outside time is so important for all kids, but especially boys.

annie said...

Aaron, Mary Poppins,huh? I actually almost didn't put that picture in because I thought my shadow looked pretty dorky. Then I realized I was reaching a new low if I am actually concerned about what my shadow looks like. Oh, vanity!

Christy,I am glad you still visit my blog. Hope you and yours are well.

Lauren, green giant=starbucks.( i think)

Mimi, you are SO right. I remember back in my preschool teaching days, the girls were so content with the indoor projects and the boys just thrived and seemed to absorb so much more when we headed outdoors to learn.

RainaRo said...

Cute pictures, Annie. I wish we could take a walk today but the rain has come. Looking forward to seeing you guys in a few weeks!

Aaron said...

Well, I'm glad you didn't give in to vanity.

Yes, Starbucks is the Green Giant.

Ariana said...

What sweet times together. I love the picture of both of your. You look so pretty!

Paul & Kameron Morton said...

Annie, I love these pictures- they are so beautiful. I notice that you have a really good eye and are really good with a camera. Did you take photography classes? Seriously, I love your blog because it is like art.

Starrs In Denver said...

i need to make myself do that was easier with only one or two! i have to get all psyched to take all four for a walk...we have to cross the street at every block, or just go around the same block over and over again...either way, it's three kids who want to go in three different directions, so we usually take turns. anyhow, you inspire me to get back out there for those great walks!

Debbie said...

Johnny's so lovely! Little boys are so much fun, but yes...very tiring!! I get so exhausted teaching 5 year olds.

I agree with Kameron, your blog is great. It's precious to see what a lovely relationship you have with your son.

annie said...

Thanks, Kameron and Debbie!
I haven't taken a photo class, I 've always wanted to. I just love photography, it's sort of a hobby Evan and I share. We collect old cameras (preferably ones that work) and have a lot of fun taking picture with those.
As for my blog, I kind of look to it as a baby book for Johnny, so I try to capture sweet or funny moments in his little life. I need to get to work on a real baby book soon. I haven't even comleted a wedding album yet!