Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Baby Talk

Here is a conversation Johnny and I have a few times a day..
Mama: "Are you my baby?"
Johnny: " Aye a maan!
Mama: Are you my boy?
Johnny: "Aye a maaaaan!!!
Mama: "Oh! You're my little man!"
Johnny: "Uh-huh."

Here's my little man in his bubble bath. He likes having a beard like his Papa.


Lauren S. said...

Love the little man's beard too! :)

Julie said...

'Who'll be my little man? Who'll be my nice lady? Who'll be my pretty little baby? Hey, hey, pretty babe...' Love that CD, Annie, and LOVE your little man.

RainaRo said...

Love the "distraction post" :-)
Can't wait to see the little man.

lisakelly said...

That is so great that Johnny is a "man". It is so important for little boys to identify with daddy or another male figure in his life. What a great way to express yourself, Johnny!

Melissa Gossard said...

my family (on troy's side) has yet to let me know if they are checking or enjoying the blog...i keep hoping to one day see a comment just to know for sure :)
I felt the same way about chihuahua's-like they were very trendy and were used as ridiculous accesories by ridiculous people. Never say never i guess...i still am a huge fan of the mutt found at local animal shelters worldwide.

sara said...

At first I thought he was waxing Jamaican on you, Mon. Very cute and I love the sweet rosy lips.

Munkee said...


I can see you going through this routine with him. What do you call something that is both funny and touching at the same time? Well, whatever that word is...