Saturday, May 19, 2007

Happy Birthday, Evan!

My man turned 30 on Thursday. Unfortunately, blogger wouldn't let me blog about it until now. The celebrations haven't ended just yet. We have a dinner with family tonight and a dinner with friends in a couple weeks to mark this turning point. So many friends hitting 30 this year. I still have a couple years to go but it is strange to be reaching this age. I have a very clear childhood memory of my parents throwing a surprise 30th party for one of their friends. Weird! Instead of it making me feel old it just makes me realize how young they all were. I remember them being goofy with their friends and kids and well, acting like us.
Anyways, I love you, Ev. All 30 years of you. You were always a good man and have been an amazing friend to me all these years but I never could have known what an incredible father you would be. Thank you for loving me and our children. Thank you for leading me on this journey and helping me up when I fall, dusting me off and allowing me to do the same for you. Can't wait to see this next baby in your arms. And even though today was a little irritating and we weren't the kindest to each other, I still so enjoy your company whether it be watching Johnny play in the back yard or sitting across the table from you staring at your face, I am just content when you are near. Let's always stay near.

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