Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Me!

Here we go, six things making me happy..
-two mornings in a row of my two year old going poo in the potty. (didn't realize just how happy this would make me)
-homemade rolls and yummy soup eaten on a cool fall night. (last nights dinner)
-a clean kitchen (okay, technically it's only almost clean. I still need to mop)
-the funny things my son says. like, " i not pretty, i a lumberjack!"
-when evan does really funny voices while reading books to the kids. (he has us all cracking up)
-the monkey and the frog.


Bluecanopy said...

what cuddly children you have......and hooray for poos in the potty :)

Lauren S. said...

Poo in the potty is so exciting...I think I talked about it for weeks after.

The kids look cute! Wow, Pearl looks much bigger. They grow so fast.

Ariana said...

So cute! I love the resigned expression of Pearl's face...

Michelle Melania said...

Yeah for the potty! My son has farted on the potty twice :) haha! At least that is progress and he did that before he even turned two. I'm hoping he'll potty train in the next few months.

That photo is adorable. Look at little Pearl's chubby cheeks :) My son was a monkey too. Well, a monkey in pajamas like the monkeys that jumped on the bed.

Joanna said...

They look sooo cute!!! I totally understand about potty training excitement!!!!! :) (I wish my kitchen were clean, I am so envious)

Mimi said...

Whohoooooo! Way to go, Johnny! That is a wonderful accomplishment (and very exciting as a mom, I agree!).

Those are six happy things, I loved reading them. And your kids are too cute!

Joanna said...

Miss you!!!

Xenia Kathryn said...

Hey Happy Momma,
Hope you're doing well! Miss your blog postings, but I trust you're doing all right? :)