Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Johnny: (upon eyeing the easter egg decorating kit I left out) "What's that?
Mama: "Oh, we're going to DYE easter eggs for Pascha."
Johnny: "Are they going to DIE on the cross like Jesus?"

It has been really amazing and inspiring to walk through this Lent and these first days of Holy Week with my two year old. It's a beautiful thing to watch a child's faith grow and I am humbled by it.
To all my orthodox friends, have a blessed Holy Week.


Mimi said...

Oh, how sweet! Prayers for a Blessed Holy Week to you, your DH, Johnny and Pearl Alittlebit.

Kintea said...

May you also be blessed this Holy Week!

Nonnie said...

Annie, I am so blessed to know you and Evan are teaching Johnny and Pearl about the love of Christ. There is not greater joy than to know that my children walk in truth. I love you! MOM/Nonnie