Monday, July 21, 2008

We are trying to help Johnny and Pearl develop a close sibling relationship.
When conflicts arise we encourage them try different ways to find resolution..

There's the talk it through approach. Pearl seems to do most of the talking.

Sometimes they just need to hug it out.

When all else fails we just let them fight it out. Winner takes all.

Kidding, of course. I just thought these pictures were funny. They are having a lot more fun together. Although, there are times when I think they would fight it out if I let them. Pearl is feisty enough, I think she could take him!


Michelle Melania said...

That is hysterical! Grace and David are the same way. I definitely think Grace good take David!

Ariana said...

I always love seeing Johnny and Pearl together-- it's fun to see their dynamics develop as Pearl comes into her own!

Nanner said...

HAHAHA!! I am all for the fight it out!! j/k They look so cute together :)

Syra said...

Pearl is getting so big!