Thursday, January 01, 2009

Well, Nativity is officially over and I hope it was a blessed on for all of you.
Here is a family picture from Christmas day. Johnny is making his popeye face and Pearl looks worried but I am just glad when we all make it into the same picture. So, here you go.

New years eve was once again low key. We let the kids eat ice cream cones for dessert to mark the occasion. Pearl had never had her own before, she was one happy girl.

I am by nature an optimist so a new year always makes me excited for what roads may be traveled, what friends might be made, corners turned, mountains climbed you get the picture. I am hopeful that this year will bring Evan and I more direction and discernment in the decisions that lay ahead. I am really hoping for changes but also praying that I will be content if they don't come the way I think they should. Could I be anymore vague? Okay, what I mean is, I hope this will be the year Evan gets a better job, the year we get to buy a house, move somewhere we want to stay for a long time, settle down. I am learning to let out that big breath I've been holding that past few years thinking that any minute everything is going to be SO much better and to just be happy with what is in front of me. Just this morning Johnny was talking about how certain friends have toys he likes and he wants those toys, I told him if he only thinks about what he doesn't have he wont enjoy the things all around him, he seemed to actually get it. Yet, I find myself feeling that same way, "aw, they bought a house, why can't I have a house." or "oooh, I want a mini-van ,too!" I probably sound like a broken record, I know I've blogged about contentment and being thankful for what I have before. Sorry. I guess I am slow learner and haven't moved up and on yet.
January will be a busy and fun month. This weekend we are headed up Simi Valley for niece Elinor's first birthday. That was one quick year! Towards the end of the month I will be flying up to see my sister for nearly a week. I am so excited to just hang out with Raina and be in Nor Cal for awhile. We lived in Chico together for a few months before I got married and grew really close, so I like visiting her there.
Well, to anyone who still reads this thing, THANKS! I know it's not what it used to be, I am hoping to post more regularly and comment more often,too.


Mimi said...

Happy New Year! I grew up in Northern California, but not Chico. Travel safely.
I love Johnny's Popeye face.

Paul and Kameron Morton said...

I love your blog. When you get that contentment thing down, will you let me know how that works?? :) We bought the house and now I just whine to God about all the work that has to be done (it is harder than having another kid some days!)... and I'm with you... need to let out that breath. Thanks for sharing what you told Johnny. Maybe I need to write that out and hang that somewhere were I can read it and remember to be thankful!!

MIchelle M said...

Happy New Year! I think contentment is one of the hardest things. I struggle with it on a daily basis. I think that "the grass is always greener" is a very wise statement because I can have a great house, beautiful kids and a wonderful family, and I still worry about the things I think I need. When in reality God is providing everything for me, and I am simply not thankful for it. I pray that God will bring things into your life this year that will give you a sense of contentment!

I always love seeing photos of your kiddos! They are so adorable!

Salazar Family said...

ok, so reading your blog, i feel like you and i are the same person! why don't we ever hang out??? :-)

The Saunders said...

Here! Here! I am letting go of the "big breath" too... Can't wait to see you!

bath mate said...
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