Wednesday, April 06, 2011

My Joy

Day Eight

My Odette

For Christmas we got Pearl a Swan Lake DVD that features scenes from the ballet and a little lesson on how to do some of the steps, all geared towards little girls. She loves it and watches it regularly admiring the ballerinas grace and balance and exclaiming, "How amazing!" or "Isn't that beautiful!" throughout. She has been asking, maybe even begging to be in ballet for months now but they were really expensive, at bad times or just seem to be stuffy. Finally I found a ballet class for her that we can actually afford and that worked out time wise and today was her first class.
The minute she stepped into the dance hall, surrounded by mirrors and the tinkly piano tunes playing, her arms extended out, her toes pointed and there was a little hop to her steps. She was graceful, she was poised, and she was just bursting with delight. I had to stop myself from nudging the mom next to me and exclaiming,"Isn't she beautiful!"


Anonymous said...

She is beautiful!!!!!!!!

-Joanna Snow

Carole said...

simply lovely

Mimi said...

I agree, she is lovely! So involved!
I immediately thou of this book:

Mimi said...

Actually, this one too:

Michelle M. said...

That looks wonderful. We are planning to put Spunky in dance lessons this fall. I know she is going to love it, too.

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