Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Evan is such a good father. Johnny has brought out a side in him I didn't know was there. I now hear him say words like "sweetheart" and "cute" when talking to his son. Evan is typically a private and very introverted guy, he isn't one to wear his heart on his sleeve. But when Evan holds Johnny, you can just see his love for that child all over him. It's beautiful. Here's to you,Ev.

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Aaron said...


For years I'd be sad or happy and want SO badly to give these emotions their ultimate expression in tears, but was never able to. I could get pretty "worked up" but never true tears. The afternoon Basil was born in our livingroom....the tears turned on and haven't ever turned off.

Now imagine how my interview with my mother went regarding the death of my sister when she was 3.

Children ground us and make us realize a bunch of cliches are true...and you know what i don't really know what happens. Glory to God for all things.