Tuesday, February 21, 2006


My parents were recently in the country (they live in Oxford, England). It was so nice to get all my siblings and our families together. Johnny hadn't met my dad, his Poppy, yet and the last time my mom saw him was when he was born. I am so glad they got to see him at this age because his personality is so fun and he's very social. My beautiful niece and nephew were also such a joy to be with. Sheesh! These kids are all growing up too fast! Crazy to think it was a little over a year ago I was pregnant and watching my sister give birth to her daughter. Here's a picture of Nonnie and Poppie with their three adorable grandchildren. What you don't see in the picture is my sister and me jumping around like fools trying to get the kids to smile. It worked!


Aaron said...

Annie, your parents look great. Please tell them hello for me. And i just have one memory to share..actually a quote...

"You guys should go to the Mission Inn, it's really artsy fartsy."

Classic Anita.

annie said...

That makes me laugh! ( I love you, Mom!)