Thursday, February 23, 2006

Sweet sleep

I love how he is crossing his little arms. When I look at him sleep, I see the same face he had as a newborn.


Carol said...

What a sweet shot.

There are times when I look at Ellie sleeping and can imagine her as a newborn...there was a moment when she was about 10 weeks old that I remember very clearly when I soaked up her face and promised never to forget it.

Enjoy your little one- I can tell you are!

nkmishler said...

hey Annie! wow, your blog is so sweet! I think Joe had emailed our class and told us that you had a little boy or that you were pregnant!
Yes, motherhood is the BEST! I could not have ever dreamed up how spectacular it is! When is Johnnie's birthdate? Tobi was born August 12, 2005, so she JUSt turned 6 months old. They should be about the same age, because Tobi JUST started on the "peas and carrots". What a fun fiasco it is, hu? ALSO, do you remember Christy and Patty Job? Christy and her husband Leigh, live about 5 minutes down the road from us, and Christy has 2 baby girls, too. Her babies, (Anna and Norah) are 5 months younger than Mady and Tobi respectively. also, Patty is expecting her second child (a boy) Any Minute now!

anyway, it's so sweet to see that picture of your parents.. dang, makes me want to cry. I think your dad was at almost every one of our basketball games growing up. :D

thanks for writing!


Aaron said...

ready for eucharist i pious ;)

annie said...

That's what it made me think of too, Aaron.

Carol said...

me too!