Monday, April 24, 2006


We celebrated Pascha(Orthodox Easter) this weekend. The service is a nocturne service, so it begins at 11:30 at night and is followed by a Liturgy which ends around 2:30 am. After that we have break fast, everyone brings a basket of food and drink which they have been fasting from during the Lenten period, it is blessed and around 3 am we feast. I was a little nervous about how Johnny would handle Church at such wee hours of morning. He was actually awake for quite a bit of the services, and was passed around by his numerous admirers, so I was able to pay close attention to the beautiful celebration. Here are a few images from our weekend.


David said...

Hi Annie (& Evan)

Truly He is Risen!

Awesome pictures and so much better than my space. It is great to hear from you and see that you guys had a blessed Pascha. Hopefully we will all meet up soon.

David (& Nicole)

Ariana said...

I love the sleepy faces... It looks like it was a very special morning!

aaron said...

Voistinu Voskrese!


Welcome to the other side...ahhh it feels good to be here. The bridegroom is with us! Please greet Evan and child for me.