Saturday, April 29, 2006

Nine whole months!

My John Henry was nine months old yesterday. For some reason this month stands out to me. I guess because for nine months I carried him in my womb, and he's been in my arms, in this big world for the last nine. I just thought I'd let everyone know what he's up to.
His biggest accomplishment lately is crawling. I actually thought he might skip crawling all together because he just loves to stand, but about two weeks ago I left Johnny in the living room and headed into the kitchen. I wasn't alone for long when Johnny comes cruising in with a big proud smile on his face. He is everywhere and into everything, but it's a lot of fun to see him choose who he wants to go to or what toys (or household objects) he wants to play with.

He is just growing like crazy and has a great head of hair, with little curls around his ears. Makes me wonder if he will have the ringlets I did as a toddler. He has also sprouted 4 new teeth giving him a very toothy grin and allowing him to enjoy things like cheerios and whole peas. Aside from the curls, he is pretty much an mini version of his Papa.

Johnny is also developing quite the personality. He loves to fake laugh, and fake cough and fake cry. Funny thing is, they kind of all sound the same, they are just accompanied by different expressions. He especially likes to fake cough during the really quiet parts of Liturgy, like right before the Great Entrance. He loves people and will show off when he has an audience. By show off, I mean, he yells and laughs and rolls around, jumps and makes ridiculous faces. He is definitely providing plenty of entertainment these days and we are so thankful and blessed to have him.


Christie said...

OH MY GOSH I miss him!!!!!!

Ariana said...

What a fun post! I can't wait to see this little character someday soon. I'll bet he just adds so much laughter to your day.

sara said...

He seems like such a happy and fun kiddo...way to go on nine months of parenting, mom!

RainaRo said...

I can't wait to see him in a few cute!

Lisa Kelly said...

Hi Annie!

THis is Lisa Kelly, formerly known as Lisa Taylor, from Faith.

I was exploring a Faith Aca. site, and got on your class website to see my brother (Jeff) and his wife's picture, and explored some more, and found you!

Your baby is adorable!

Anyway, it would be great to keep in contact with you through the years. I heard you were in San Diego a while back. I am visting Dana Point late summer to visit family and see my brothers new baby. If you want to hang out and catch up a bit, I'd be delighted. My grandma lives in San Diego, so I'd be there some anyway.

I'm currently living in Minnesota, married, have 2 kids, and another on the way.

E-mail me at if you'd like.


sara said...

more Johnny, more Johnny! :)