Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Celebrate Evan!

Happy Birthday, Ev and many years!!
I love you, all 29 years of you.


sara said...

yay, more johnny! many years to you, evan! is that the favorite blue couch you were trying to get rid of at your garage sale? too bad it didn't sell ;)

thanks for the nice mother's day note, annie...we are happy mommies, indeed.

sara said...

oh i just reread my comment and thought it might be misinterpreted...i meant too bad it didn't sell because it held so many memories and was so comfy, etc...not because i think you ought to have gotten rid of it!! whew, cleared that up...ok, bye :)

Aaron said...

Happy Day Evan!

Ariana said...

Happy Birthday, Evan! Annie, it was so great to see you last week. Thanks again for driving out. Also wonderful to finally meet Johnny!