Friday, June 30, 2006

My name in lights!

With free tickets in hand, and some good friends we made our way to the San Diego County Fair last night. Of course, we sampled lots of gross, greasy food. Some was quite good, like the fried zuchini. We all agreed that the fried twinkies were disgusting, not sure why that came as a surprise, though. I love the fair, I love the lights and all the people. It's definately different going with a baby but we still had so much fun and it was great to see Johnny pointing and staring and so entertained by all the chaos. The highlight of our night was riding the huge ferris wheel. The kids weren't terribly impressed, but we were, and it was a great way to view the beautiful night sky. After fighting the crowds, waiting for the shuttle and the drive home, we didn't get Johnny to bed until almost 10:30. He loved it though, and he was blowing kisses to the crowds from the shuttle bus window as we left.


RainaRo said...

Do the wackos come out for the fair in San Diego too? :-)Cute pictures. Love you.

Starrs In Denver said...

I love fairs! We went to the San Diego fair 3 years ago and the food is the best part! Last year we went to the Colorado State fair (3 hour drive...yuck) and it was a blast. Fried pickles, yum! Anyhow, congrats on your bun in the oven. I'll be praying for a wonderful pregnancy!

Starrs In Denver said...

evan and annie,
congrats on the news of your second child.
may God give you grace to instruct this little one in His ways all the days of his/her life. Teach him/her honor and raise this precious one in God's statutes. Kids truly are a gift and arrows who fill our quiver that we then will one day be charged to send out into the world and the straightness of the rearing we give will be proportionate to their ability to soar (though the wind of His grace directs through it all).
Lastly, you two and these friends of yours who dislike and even profane the name of the fried twinkie (and fried snickers bar as well) should be ashamed of your selves as these things are a gift from God and a reminder that His words are sweeter than the honeycomb.
loving the fried twinkie (though she made me sick the next day),
p.s. you 3 look great, truly.

Lisa said...

Hey Annie,

Thanks for your phone number. I'm in Southern Cal. now, and will be going down to San Diego some days too. When's a good day for you for us to visit, or if you want, for you to come to Dana Point? Craig and I are thinking of taking the kids to Balboa Park in San Diego some weekend soon. What do you think? I'm checking my myspace now, too. -Lisa Kelly (taylor)

sara said...

annie, i hope your blogosilence doesn't mean you're not feeling well! take care.