Monday, July 02, 2007

Johnny is So Punk Rock

Nellie the Elephant by the Toy Dolls has been one of my sons favorite songs ever since Evan put it on a mix cd for him. When I found this video of them on youtube I knew he'd love it. He cracks us up dancing and singing and he asks to watch it numerous times throughout the day. We've started burning him cd's with music that all of us can enjoy because nothing keeps him happier on long car rides or even while sitting around playing then some good music. Here's a list a few songs we ALL enjoy...

Uncle Joe-Red House Painters (he likes this one because he has an Uncle Joe whom he adores)
This Little Light of Mine- The Corn Sisters ( a very fun version of this Sunday school song)
I've Been Everywhere Man- Johnny Cash
I'm My Own Grandpa- Willie Nelson ( I find this song hilarious and it's even funnier when a two year old is singing along.)
Train to Skaville- The Ethiopians
Chicago-Sufjan Stevens

But before you start to think my kid is too cool, keep in mind this is also one of his all time favorites...


Ariana said...

OK, what self-respecting toddler WOULDN'T love Nellie the Elephant? Especially with those goofy guys performing! Does Johnny actually love the video of The Lion Sleeps Tonight, or just the song?

Julie said...

I let the girls sit on my lap while I played the first video and they cracked up! Very fun and SO very punk! Go Johnny, go

Lauren S. said...

I LOVE the Toy Dolls. Jason has an Oi dvd that has that video on it. We play it every now and then for Hannah. She likes it too. She looks at them like they are so weird and funny!

And what's with little kids and Johnny Cash? He always seems to be a favorite. Maybe the simple music?

annie said...

BOTH! He loved the song before he ever saw the video but he really enjoys watching those cheesy old guys sing.
I am glad the girls liked it. We'll have to make them a mix of some of Johnny's favorites.
Aren't the toy dolls great?! I am not a big fan of punk but I think they are really fun. We've let Johnny watch a few of their other videos on youtube and he loves them!

RainaRo said...

make me a mix!

Paul & Kameron Morton said...

Aidan was mesmerized by both videos (amazing since I can't get him to have even a remote interest in videos at all)... I never knew who performed the jungle song and was SHOCKED that THAT voice was coming out of an old, white, MAN (not to mention his rockin' sideburns).
Thanks for the entertainment, Annie!!