Monday, August 06, 2007

Okay, I need to get this post written while Johnny is sleeping and while I am still pregnant, otherwise it's just not going to happen.
So much to tell. I hate that I completely skipped over blogging about my sweet boy's second birthday. I think he's convinced it just always his birthday now. Between an early birthday trip to Legoland with Mama and Papa and his actual party, not to mention visits from good friends and godparents who came bearing gifts and more birthday wishes, it been a month long celebration. We were grocery shopping this morning and he was singing "Happy Birthday" to himself rather loudly. Sheesh. I love seeing him so excited by all of the hoopla this year. Ofcourse, I think he's pretty amazing. It's so fun to have conversations with him and hear him come up with original statements and ideas and to watch him think things through. Yes, we are definately seeing a more defiant side as he further realizes and asserts his independence but I love that I can talk to him about it now and he truly has a kind heart and wants to do whats right.(well, most of the time) I am so proud of my big boy! He has brought us two years of laughter and joy and parenting him has taught us invaluable lessons.
In other news, we are recovering from yet another move. Our housesitting gig in Carlsbad is up and we are back in Escondido. As much as I enjoyed being so near the ocean it is good to be here. Evan's office is walking distance and I have a close friend around the block. We found a cute town house which met all my requirements ( has a yard, washer/dryer hookups.) I was really hoping to avoid an apartment and this place definitely has more of a "home" look and feel to it. It's been a frustrating move for me because I am limited by what I can lift and move around. Actually, part of why I am blogging right now is to help me get my mind off the sofa and boxes of books I SO want to move around the room. (what's the worse that could happen?....labor?..that wouldn't be so bad.) I would like to get a little more settled before the baby comes but at the same time I really want to meet this kid! I am due on the 16th but Johnny was eight days early,so, who knows. It dawned on me now that it was just over a year ago that I painfully letting you all know that I had miscarried and the hurt I was feeling but here I am now, full as the moon with this sweet child and oh, so thankful. I appreciate all your thoughts and prayers in these coming days. I am so excited to announce the birth of this babe and post pictures for all to see.
In the meantime, here is a recent family picture and probably the last to be taken of us with only one child in our arms. I would put up a better belly shot but this is the most recent picture I have available right now so you just get a peek.


Anonymous said...

So happy to hear about how you are doing :) You look beautiful!! Oh I so remember when Samuel turned two.... the many adventures :) They get really smart and sly all of a sudden... you are going to continue to be more amazed at what things he is going to come up with LOL!!! You are in my thoughts and prayers :)


Ariana said...

Annie, you look great! Thank you for the update-- you will be in my thoughts and prayers these next two weeks. We got A's gift in the mail today, and LOVE it. It's the first personal piece of mail we've recieved in OR, thank you!

Bluecanopy said...

you look so cute, make me want to cut my hair short again:) glad the move went well and hooray for the yard and washer/dryer. you've got it made.

can't wait to "meet" the new keeling...but not as much as you i'm sure.

hope you have a beautiful birth.

Starrs In Denver said...

Praying for a wonderful birth filled with peace and joy! Congrats on the new pad...yard-laundry...really a must for little ones! I'll enjoy the pics of the new little one once he/she arrives :)
Take care Annie!

Mimi said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet boy, you look awesome, prayers continue, and congratulations on the new place!

Lauren S. said...

So glad to hear from you and that you and yours are all well.You look beautiful Try not to go too crazy moving stuff around. It's so hard when you just want stuff to be settled and it's place though. That nesting urge is strong, isn't it? Looking forward to seeing pix of the newest baby. Do we not know if this is a boy or a girl?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I went back and looked at some of your older posts to see pictures of your little man as a baby- he is too cute, by the way. Congratulations on this baby, about to be born any minute. How exciting! I hope it goes well for you. From reading your post (from a while back) about nursing, it seems like we have a lot in common. I posted about my births on my website and I, too, did them both without pain meds; although, I was induced (argh!). I also nursed my son until he weaned himself when I got pregnant with our little girl.
I definitely plan on being back to read your blog- would you mind if I link to you on mine?
Good luck with baby number two!

annie said...

Thank you all for your kind words and wishes. I have felt so huge and yuck for most of my second and third trimester but this past month I feel great and am loving the belly!
Lauren- We opted not to find out the gender with this one. Evan really didn't want to know so I went along.
Michelle- Thanks for coming and reading old posts. It's a good way to get to know eachother. Of course you can link me. I am honored. : )
Hopefully, I will have news of baby soon.

Melissa said...

Well, I for one am proud of you for taking the time to blog and forget about the boxes...I hope and pray help will be around when the baby comes to help you guys get settled. Can't wait to hear what you are having..we always waited to find out with our two, there it seems like there is more anticipation and excitement when you don't know. May you have a peace and joy filled (minus the pain part :) birth.

Julie said...

It was SO good to see you guys! I know it is a hectic time but we just enjoyed your company. I'm thankful that you guys are in your place and at least have your beds down and ready to go. We can't wait to meet the newest Keeling. If (s)he is half as great as your boy it will be so fun! We love you guys and look forward to having you out in NC as soon as you're ready! Lots of love!