Friday, September 21, 2007

Pearl at Five Weeks..

...Is giving very sweet smiles when we work really hard for them.

...Is growing some cute, squishy cheeks that seem to get bigger by the day.

...Loves her big brother.

I admire all of you bloggers who write with wit and intelligence. Detailing your days, your thoughts and opinions. For now, I am just posting pics of the kids. It's about all I can manage these days. I know this will pass, I am hoping that the books I plan to to begin reading this weekend will inspire some good posts. We shall see. Oh! In exciting news, I am being churched this Saturday evening. I am really looking forward to getting back to Liturgy and introducing her to our church family. Happy weekend to all!


Joanna said...

What sweet pictures!!! You will get your train of thought back it just takes a while.... okay a long while LOL!!! I am glad to hear that things are going good :)

Xenia Kathryn said...

I wanna squeeze those ever-growing cheeks! My Vasilia's cheeks are starting to wane a bit, now that she's entering toddlerhood... but I still squeeze'em for all their worth.
Beautiful photos! I'm impressed you're even able to blog... don't you worry about wit and/or intelligence. We're all jealous of the precious Pearl YOU get to write about! :)

Starrs In Denver said...

Beautiful pics Annie! Pearl is such a blessing :) I feel peaceful just looking at her photo!
p.s. what does "being churched" this Saturday evening mean?

Mimi said...

Pictures are awesome, I'm totally into that.

Sniff, sniff. Churching makes me tear up everytime. Know you will be in my prayers on Sunday!

Paul & Kameron Morton said...

Oh my gosh, those cheeks!! They are FABULOUS!!! The pics are beautiful, Annie and I think it is A-mazing that you've had time to upload pics and post at all... I figure my blog will have a 3 month gap when our next one arrives so, WAY TO GO!! ;)

Michelle Melania said...

Beautiful photos!

I'll be thinking about you tonight. It felt so good to be back at liturgy after Grace was born!

Heidi said...

Hey Annie, I am in total agreement with the others that I am amazed at the amount of blogging you have done already since the birth of Peal. Great pictures by the way. I really look forward to checking your blog, a little contact with the outside world makes me feel almost sane.
Also what does "being churched" mean? Sorry for my ignorance.

Melissa said...

aahhh...most of us just want to see pictures anyway, that's usually what I'm hoping for when I blog hop around :)

Ariana said...

I love the picture of Johnny and Pearl-- so sweet! Thanks for your call, I did return it, but it just rang... We'll keep trying. I'm thinking of you.

annie said...

Thanks to all for admiring my children with me. :)
Rose and Heidi, Traditionally, in the orthodox church, a woman stays home with her new infant for forty days then she and the child return to church and prayers are said by the priest for them as they reenter the liturgical life. The following quote from explains it really well, "the ceremony of churching marks the time when the mother, having recovered physically and emotionally from the birth of her child, and having re-ordered her life around the child's care, will resume her life in the community of the Church again. She comes to the church with her child (and accompanied by her husband) to offer her thanksgiving for her child, and coming to contact with the life-giving glory of God, she asks for the forgiveness of her sins, despite her human weakness, so that she may be 'worthy to partake, uncondemned, of the Holy Mysteries," (that is Holy Communion) once again."
Here's a link to a sample of the prayers that are said..
Thanks for asking.
By the way, it was really great to be back on Sunday and introduce everyone to Pearl. Our church does not have a lot of young families, so our kids have a church full of "grandpas" and "grandmas" who just love new babies.

Bluecanopy said...

hope the churching and venturing out went well...her cheeks are very squeezable. what are you reading?