Sunday, September 02, 2007

Look Who's Feeling Good!

Good enough to play in the sandbox his Grandpa made for him.

Good enough to enjoy his new little sister and let Mama take pictures of it.

Thank you all for your prayers and concern. It is so good to have our happy, sweet, active boy back. The lack of sleep from the past week was catching up with me. I realized this when I found this note on my car windshield after a quick trip to the mall with the kids...

I came home and put Johnny down for his nap and then I fell asleep nursing Pearl. I awoke to find Evan home for lunch who informed me that I had left my keys in the front door. Yikes.
But, like I said, we are ALL recovered now. We've even gotten to enjoy some of the tantrums I spoke of in a previous post. Johnny is pretty emotional but overall doing great with the baby. Pearl is as sweet as can be and has been very easy on us so far. I'll have more to say about her later, it's bedtime.


Julie said...

Oh wow, Annie! Funny and scary. I'm so glad that you all are getting back to your old, selves.

Starrs In Denver said...

So funny! God is indeed watching over you and yours :)
Beautiful pics...beautiful kiddos.

Mimi said...

Whohooooo! Yay!

Yeah, sounds like zombie mommy brain to me! Glad your Guardian Angels were watching over you.

And, thank you for the sweet birthday wishes.

Mimi said...
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Paul & Kameron Morton said...

Glad little Johnny is doing so much better!

The loss of brain cells that comes with kids is just scary, isn't it? I thought it was especially hard while nursing (I've heard there's a term "milk brain"!).

Joanna said...

So glad to hear that things are going a lot better :) I totally understand about losing it, the only problem is I don't think I have ever found it again. I lose my kids all the time while they are in my arms LOL! :) Your new little girl is just beautiful.

Nathan said...

oh yes! Nathan and I one time left the car doors open at Huntington Beach- and that was the 2 of us!

I also remember leaving my keys in the "hatch" of our Toyota and was frantically looking for them...of course the "hatch" was open and I was unloading groceries unknowingly have left them in the lock...Ellie was hungry and not even a year. Boy did I feel dumb when I discovered them as I closed the door.

I still leave the keys in the front door- :)

from Carol

(blogger won't let me post!)

congrats on sweet Pearl...LOVE her name.

Bluecanopy said...

that note is awesome....hey at least you got your kids out, right?

good to hear johnny's better and things are feeling "normal".

we went to San Diego last weekend with Aaron's family...sea world and the zoo. we had a great time and came home with passes to sea world. SO, we'll probably make a trip down there again sometime to justify the pass :) don;t know when but maybe we can make it a saturday and meet up with you all in the evening...someday :)

RainaRo said...

I too leave my keys in the front door...I have found them the next morning a couple of times :-) See you on Friday!

Lauren S. said...

ha! that's so funny. glad everything is improving - i have mom-brain too! nothing a little sleep won't cure. ;)

Anonymous said...

That's hysterical. I've left me keys in the front door as well, and my husband was the one to find them when he got home from work.

It sounds like our kids are on the same page. Easy baby girl and temper-tantrumy little boy. But we can't blame the boys: its their age and this crazy new thing in the house that takes up Mommy's time. I just pray they will adjust quickly.