Monday, January 14, 2008

Obviously, blogging more was not one of my new years resolutions.
A belated happy new year to all of you, nonetheless. We had a really nice Christmas in town with family. Our new years was understandably low key. Evan and I did pop a bottle of champagne this year, so that was fun. Man, I love that stuff! The highlight of the past few weeks was the birth of my beautiful new niece. It is strange to think of my little brother as a dad but I know they are both wonderful, loving parents and I cannot wait to get my hands on little Elinor.
On the Sunday of Epiphany we undressed our house of all it's Christmas decor. As pretty as all the lights and wreaths were, I like having my pictures and paintings back on the walls! With the return to everyday life I have had a really hard time find moments to post anything. I do feel much more settled into being a mother of two, but I still feel like I barely get by just taking care of their needs let a lone everything else. I have been trying to get the house in order which has filled any spare time I have.
But now that I have some time, I thought I'd give a little update on the kids since it's been awhile.
Johnny is 2 1/2 and is busy, strong, defiant, funny, smart, sensitive and talkative. (all of those are understatements.) We get so much joy and entertainment with the things he says and thinks. Like how he thinks the guardian angel icon by his bed is GORDON the angel. Or how he tries to stall when we put him to bed. As Evan goes to leave the room the following conversation will take place;
Johnny-" Wait, Papa. I hab a question."
Papa- "What it is, Johnny?"
Johnny-"Do you wub me? "
Papa-" Yes, I love you. "
Johnny- "Let's talk about that, Papa. Does Mama wub me? Does Pearl wub me? Does Grandma wub me?..." you get the picture.
I have been realizing again and again that I really shouldn't leave Pearl alone in the room with him. One day I ran upstairs to put something away, leaving Pearl laying on a blanket on the floor and Johnny playing with his toys. I was upstairs no more than a minute when Johnny exclaims," I am jumping over Pearl!! Hurray I did it!!" Or just a couple days ago I left them sitting together and walked out of the room. I heard happy squeals from both of them and assumed everything was cool. I returned to find her sucking on his toe! Ugh!
Potty training and church behavior are the two challenges we face right now. I am not letting them get the best of me, though. After a few stressful and extremely NOT fun days of potty training I've decided to be more relaxed with him and brainstorm on ways to make it fun again and maybe even wait for more cues from him that he's interested. As for church, I just think it is unreasonable for me to expect a two year old to be quiet and stand for nearly two hours, so we bring what we can to engage him like a few books or pencil and paper, discipline when it's necessary but over all try to be understanding.
I can't believe how quickly the last two years have gone and that my baby is a kid.
Uh oh, babies waking up and Johnny's losing interest in his toys..I better speed this up..
My Pearl is getting so big and has completely left the fragile, sleeps through everything, snugly, new baby phase. She is a squealy, smiley, wiggly and chunky girl. We are all having so much fun with her. She adores her Papa and brother and kind of spazzes out when she's excited. She is very attached to me and enjoys taking in this big world from my arms. But as long as she's there she will smile and babble to just about anyone. She has been rolling for a few months now and is getting close to sitting up on her own. I love this phase, they can sit and play but can't go anywhere just yet. It's great!
Okay, Johnny is tearing the house apart and baby is now awake. Times up.


Lauren S. said...

I bet Johnny made his "Gordon Angel" grin a little with that one! If they do grin...Hmmm.

Great update! Glad I checked in. Have fun enjoying your cute little family.

Julie said...

Hi Annie! Greg and I read this together and laughed and laughed at the oh-so-familiar bedtime stalling...and also the hilarious toe-in-mouth scene. We're enjoying all of the benefits and challenges of two year olds as well. Fingers crossed, the past few weeks at church have been amazing and potty training is, well, it's going. We love you!

Rose Starr said...

Hi Annie! Love hearing how your kids are doing. My first son was not potty trained till he was almost five! Not to discourage you, but some kids just need more time and that's ok. Both my girls were done before they were three ;)

I pray your time in this new year is filled with peace, joy, laughter and unexpected blessings.

Bluecanopy said...

woo hoo, a new post from annie!

sounds like life is going well with two. basil was potty trained by 2 1/2 but Juliana wails when i even mention sitting on the potty. i don't really know why some kids do it sooner....i'm not pushing it either. i know she won't be wearing diapers when she's 20 :) as for church....basil is finally sitting through a service with the aid of colored pencils and a composition notebook.he draws the coolest things and i know he's paying attention for the most part. i've never appreciated the church nazi approach either...keeping it a positive and loving experience will hopefully keep their hearts soft, right? but it can be super frustrating i really understand that one! sounds like you're doing a good job.

good to hear from you, annie :)

Joanna said...

I have a little potty training story... I could never ever get Samuel to stay on the potty long enough to go without torturing him. As soon as he got off every time he would go in his underwear. So I got the idea from... I am not sure where at this point but I would put him on the potty backwards and give him a dry erase marker to draw on the back of the seat with and everytime he went potty in the toilet he would get a few M&Ms (which were his favorite at the time). And the best thing I can tell you is if nothing at all is working then stop for a few weeks or even a month and give it a try again. Sometimes they are just not quite ready.

Mimi said...

Gordon angel, I LOVE it! Such a cute photo, look how cute your kids are !

Hugs, and prayers! It's always good to "see" you!

Paul & Kameron Morton said...

I love the way you ended your post... that made me laugh and is sooooo my life right now. Thanks for sharing about your family/kids/day to day struggles... it makes me feel normal which is a great feeling!! ;)