Thursday, January 24, 2008

Watching Johnny nap today, it struck me that this kid is growing up fast! We have so much fun these days but I know he's not always going to want to be with his mama. He probably won't be calling me "mama' at all. Here are some things I would want the teenage Johnny to know about the two year old Johnny.

-You think I am VERY funny.
-You still have no idea what guns are. When I asked you about one at an arcade you said it was a telescope.
-You wear my nursing cover (hooter hider) as a superhero cape and fly around the house.
- You love music and will tell us what instrument is being played. ie.."that's a banjo!'..."that guys playing a trumpet!" You're usually right.
- You tell me you love me around 10 times a day, quite randomly. Sometimes you even proclaim it when we are out in public.
- You love your Papa. He lets you stall him and play for a good half hour when your supposed to be going to bed.
-You like to dance with me and you call me the princess and say that you are the lumberjack.
- You are very interested in Jesus and the Saints. You even named named your stuffed animals, St. Herman and St. John.(of Damascus) I think they are your two favorites right now.
- You LOVE watching music videos on youtube. This is your new favorite.

-You still let me get away with calling you whatever silly, sweet term of endearment I want.

I love you, bubbie!


Melissa said...

This is such a great post! I may have to steal your idea and tell the girls what they are like at this age. I loved it and hopefully it will be something he can read when he is older!
This video is a big favorite at our house too! It never gets old for the girls :)

Rose Starr said...

Well, I could pretty much ditto what Melissa said. We too love the song and I love your post idea... :) Glad to see things are going well for you.

Munkee said...


Sara and I just finished watching the little documentary done about Danielson funny that you should post the video the day after.

"Somebody should give him the Heimlich remover"

Joanna said...

You made me want to cry... my little boy is growing up so fast too... :.( I love the sweet pictures of him flying around in his cape!!! :) They are priceless.

Mimi said...

I love this post! Yay Johnny!~

Bluecanopy said...

no guns? must be nice. haha!

what a sweet guy you have annie.

Julie said...

Annie - you're a great mama!

Lauren S. said...

Love the hooter hider cape! And the fun Danielson vid. We caught the movie too and found it quite enjoyable!

Xenia Kathryn said...

My sis has the exact same hooter hider. Johnny is very innovative in its use as a cape! :)
What a sweet little boy.