Monday, August 30, 2010

Watch out, Kindergarten!

Yes, I cried. No, he didn't. Our city offers an amazing school called Classical Academy and I am so excited that Johnny gets to be a part of it. He will attend class at school every Monday and Wednesday. Tuesday and Thursday I will teach him at home using the same curriculum and web based programs they have provided. Friday's we will have some home lessons as well as elective classes at school. They offer things like cooking, fencing, swimming, languages, etc.. It's the perfect mix for me, I wasn't completely decided on homeschooling because I know my son and I know how much he LOVES being in a classroom setting with lots of kids and lots of stimulation. I am so glad that he can have both! It's been a little stressful getting my school area set up and feeling organized and capable. ( I don't yet) I know this will be so good for me and my relationship with him and I am excited over how much Pearl will be getting out of it too. She's been participating in his home lessons and loves it, so far. It was hard to leave him this morning knowing I won't be picking him up until 2:30, I know he'll do great, though. He loves to learn, he loves to play and meet new friends and he is one excited student.


Michelle M. said...

That sounds a lot like what we are doing for our kids. They will be going two days a week and then I'll be homeschooling the other three days. Although, our school isn't nearly as developed as yours sounds. Any extra-curricular activities will have to be organized outside of school. Fencing sounds like a lot of fun! :)

Our boy starts Pre-K next Tuesday--- all day, two days a week. It is going to be a big transition, but I think he'll be really happy.

Alisa said...

i just cried, too.

Lauren S. said...

OH my goodness he is so handsome and looks so much like his beautiful mama!! I'm very excited for you. The school sounds fantastic! I like the option of having somewhere to send them too. Way to go!! :)