Monday, August 23, 2010

Who you calling semi-precious?

It sure isn't this Pearl. She is one of a kind and priceless! Her birth was fast and furious and she continues to live life that way. She is always ready to try something new whether it be food or friends. Pearl, you keep me on my toes and that is a good thing. I love how independent and spunky you are. ( but you will always get in trouble when you beat up your brother so, STOP IT!)

I love this sweet girl and this sweet girl loves cake!





Anonymous said...

Precious, precious Pearlie!!! Oh, how I love you.
Great post, Annie. Love you too.


Michelle M. said...

Happy 3rd Birthday to your little lady! She is gorgeous!

I love how you called her "spunky" in your post because that is my little girl's name on my blog :) I bet the two of them would be hysterical together.. or get into trouble :) And I love those curls!