Sunday, October 08, 2006

O Lord, Help Me...

In silence
to find peace, not just emptiness
In suffering
to find meaning, not just agony
In knowledge
to find wisdom, not just information
In routine
to find order, not just boredom
In order
to find purpose, not just the expected
In daily life
to find surprises, no just conformity
In prayer
to find You, not just my own desires
In change
to find promises, not just threats
In opportunities
to find possibilities, not just problems
In sin
to find forgiveness, not just guilt
In problems
to find hope, not just despair
In leadership
to find directions, not just power
In challenges
to find trust in You, not just personal insecurity. amen

~I found this prayer in the back of one of my prayer books. Just thought I'd share it.


sara said...

thank you so much for sharing. i printed it out.

Starrs In Denver said...