Thursday, October 12, 2006

Put Me in the Zoo!

Johnny and I made our way to the beautiful San Diego Zoo today. It was nice to spend that time alone with him. I kind of just let him lead the way, we didn't even end up seeing a whole lot of animals but the ones we did see we spent a lot of time looking at and talking about. More than anything, he just liked exploring, people watching and climbing on any and everything. He is so much fun! On a different note, Johnny was called a girl more than once today. Oh well, I am keeping the curls! (for now, anyway.)


Ariana said...

Come on, he may be beautiful, but what little girl dresses like a grampa? So fun to see him "reading."

Lauren S. said...

How cute! Your boy is so stout and handsome, and very much a little boy! People think Hannah is a boy sometimes too. It's mildly annoying.

Hannah loved the zoo. We took her on a rediculously hot day to the LA Zoo this summer and she still remembers the "raffs" (giraffes) and how there was a mommy, a daddy, and a baby.

She has that book too. It's one of her favorites. She got it for Christmas and it came with a stuffed "Spot the Leopard" that she has brought to church with her a couple of times. So fun!